Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution discusses marking a newly imported education record as primary when an education record already exists on the record
Environment: All
Version: All


You can add a column either to your data file or as a virtual field within the profile. The value in the column or the virtual field should say "Yes" or "True"  with a function of "Static Field (Field Name) and the record type should be Education Relationship, while the value type should be "Is Primary".

If you choose to add a column to your data file the value in the column should be "Yes" or "True" and should only be inserted on the rows where it is applicable. Be sure to add the column in the same location within your profile as you did within your data file to make sure the data file and profile remain in agreement.

This will allow the imported record to be marked as the primary education record even though there is an education record currently existing.