Product: ImportOmatic with List Management
 How to create a new workflow
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A workflow is a group of task sets that will be performed in the sequence listed and that can optionally be applied based on selection and exclusion criteria.

For example, you may have a task set that will be applied to prospects, another task set for current donors, another for general list members, and a task set to hide people whom you do not wish to contact at all. A workflow can contain all four of these task sets eliminating the need to apply each task set individually.

The sequencing of the Task Sets can be important.  For example, you want to add an Action Track to a set of records and have another group of people promoted to full constituents with a constituent code.  All task sets that a person meets the criteria for will be added to their records.  However, if the box is marked “Task Set is Hierarchical and Mutually Exclusive” the order of the tasks sets becomes very important.  If a person meets the first task set’s criteria, then they will not be considered for the second task.  

Workflows are created in the Configuration area of ImportOmatic, under List Management --> Workflows

To create a new workflow:

  1. Click the Add button
  2. Enter the name for this workflow
  3. If this task set is to be applied to only selected records, click in the include query field to search for and choose a query. If the task set should be applied to all records, leave the include query field blank
  4. If this task set is not to be applied to some of the records selected by the include query, click in the exclude query field to search for and choose a query
  5. Select the appropriate task set
  6. Use the up/down arrows to arrange the sequence of task sets within the workflow. If any task in a task set is dependent on completion of another task, then that other task set must be listed first
  7. If Task sets are hierarchical and mutually exclusive is selected, once a task set has been applied to a record it won't apply the subsequent task sets to that record. If the setting is deselected, task sets are applied to records regardless of the application of any previous task sets by this workflow

To create a new workflow that is similar to an existing workflow:

  1. Highlight the existing workflow and click the Copy button
  2. A window opens up to allow you to name and save the new workflow
  3. Edit the new workflow as needed

For more detailed information regarding ImportOmatic List Management, please refer to the User Guide for List Management.