Product: SegmentOmatic
 How to commit appeals

Environment: All

Version: All


For more information on how to assign appeals, please see this solution.

When committing appeals, SOM creates an appeals record on each constituent containing the assigned appeal, package, segment, source, mailing ID, and comments along with a unique Finder Number.

Use the Commit Appeals button to begin the commitment process.

Set Appeal Date to - Set the date of the appeals

Update number of solicited - This will update the Raiser’s Edge Appeals records’ “No. Solicited” fields. This updates both the No. Solicited field on the general tab and the No. Solicited field on each package record

Update package expenses using expense type - Select this option and choose an expense type if you wish for SOM to create an expense on the RE Appeals Record

Click OK to commit.

For additional information regarding SegmentOmatic, please download the SegmentOmatic User Guide.