Product: SegmentOmatic 
Description: This provides information on using Appeal Analysis and Package Analysis Reports 
Environment: All
Version: All

These reports appear on the Analysis tab in SegmentOmatic. The Analysis tab contains the settings for the Appeal Analysis report as well as the Package Analysis Report. The Appeal Analysis report settings are in the top frame on the tab. 

The report can be run on any appeal query, any single appeal, or on any SegmentOmatic profile. The report may also be run from the appeal record of any appeal by pulling down the VBA Macro menu. When it is run from the appeal record, it uses the configuration settings from the last time the report was run. It is necessary to run this report from SegmentOmatic at least once before it can be run from an appeal record. Subsequent to that first run, it can be run from appeal records. 

The Package Analysis report settings are in the bottom frame on the tab.  The report can be run on package categories or any table based package attribute.

For additional information regarding SegmentOmatic, please download the SegmentOmatic User Guide.