Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution describes the sample data file needed for ImportOmatic training.
Environment: All
Version: All


What we need is a copy of the file you will regularly be importing into The Raiser's Edge, cut down to 25-50 rows with two header rows. We want you to send the file as you normally receive it, so that we can best help you design a comprehensive import process. The one exception to sending it the way you normally receive it is that when you send it to us, it does need to be in .csv or .txt format as these are the only formats IOM can use for importing.

IOM requires that the first row in all import files be a header row. This row simply identifies what the information is (ex: name, address, spousal information, etc) and is primarily a visual cue that you will use to map your profiles (this will be explained in training). Most databases can output a header row when they export data. The additional header row we mention is for training purposes only. It is where you tell us exactly where in RE you wish the data to go. Some exported file headers are obvious. Most, however, contain headers that are inscrutable, so we ask that you tell us exactly where the data is to land when you import it. If a column header says "Last Name", then in the second header row you would tell us if it is Constituent Last Name, because it could be Spouse Last Name