Product: SegmentOmatic
Description: Before beginning a segmentation project using SegmentOmatic, ensure that the following have been created in The Raiser’s Edge.
Environment: All
Version: All


Constituent Queries

Each segmentation project must include at least one query-based segment.

Use queries to include and exclude constituents in non-RFM segmentation. Any field that can be queried on is valid for segmenting.

Gift Queries

By default all gifts are included when performing RFM segmentation. Use a gift query to optionally define which gifts should be used in the RFM segmentation.

Appeals and Packages

Once constituents have been segmented, you will assign appeals and (optionally) packages to some or all segments.

Quick Letters

After appeals have been assigned to segments and those appeals have been written to the constituent records, you will generate queries for the segments. You may also export those queries to .csv files for use with mail merges using quick letters. 

The quick letters must use the default values for the Filters, Attributes, and Segment tabs. In the Fields to Include tab, you must include the constituent ID.

Appeals Queries

Measure and analyze the success of one or more appeals using the Appeal Analysis Report. Use an appeal query to optionally define which appeals should be included in the report.

For additional information regarding SegmentOmatic, please download the SegmentOmatic User Guide.