Product: MailOmatic for Schools
 This solution describes how to use the custom statement template for statements in Student Billing.
Environment: All
Version: All


MailOmatic for Schools uses a pdf document titled SBSTATEMENT.pdf to put a custom background on statements from Student Billing. We recommend saving the pdf in a network folder and telling MOMS to look for the document in that folder.

If you are hosted by Blackbaud, the pdf will need to be uploaded into the Contents folder in Hosting.

Note: The template should not be opened and then saved. This will cause it to be saved in a newer version of Adobe and will no longer work in MOMS.

  1. Download the template from your Support Case
  2. Highlight and copy the templates from your Downloads folder
  3. Paste into the desired network location or sign in to your Hosted Contents folder. Upload the statement from the Downloads folder
  4. In MailOmatic Settings--> General tab, click the ... box next to "Template and report folder (optional):" and choose the path where the statement is saved

Alternately, the statement template can be pasted in the Financial Edge/Plugins folder for each workstation running MOMS.

For additional information regarding MailOmatic for Schools, please visit the MailOmatic for Schools User Guide.