Product: ImportOmatic with Scheduler 
Description: This solution provides an overview of the IOM Scheduler within ImportOmatic.  
Environment: Not hosted 
Version: All 


Activating the IOM Scheduler functionality within ImportOmatic gives users the added ability to: Run imports from the command line, Skip rows that require human interaction, Schedule imports via Windows Task Scheduler, and Import multiple files in succession.

In order to process multiple files overnight, Clients can use the IOM Scheduler within ImportOmatic to 'queue' up the imports. The IOM Scheduler works with Windows Task Scheduler to run a batch file at a designated time. The task can be set up to run under the windows account for one of the existing users or can be a separate windows account used just for the IOM Scheduler.

The IOM Scheduler is a pre-installed functionality within ImportOmatic. The IOM Scheduler functionality requires a paid subscription that will activate it within your current ImportOmatic installation.