Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution discusses how to create a default set within RE.

Environment: All

Versions: All


Default sets are created within the RE database. ImportOmatic allows the use of the RE default sets within the ImportOmatic profiles. Use the following steps to create a default set within RE: 

  1. In RE, Select Tools, Organize/Create Defaults from the menu bar 
  2. Select the record type for the default set from the left side of the screen by highlighting 
  3. Select the New button to open a new default set for that selected record type
  4. In the Name Field, enter a descriptive name to help identify this record default set that is easily recognizable for selecting the correct default set when needed
  5. Enter all desired and appropriate record default selections in the defaults grid
  6. Select to Save and Close to save newly created default set and all changes made

For information on how to apply a default set to an import, please see this solution.