Product: All

Description: When are major software updates released to Blackbaud Hosted clients, and why is there a delay?

Environment: Hosted

Version: All


We release major new versions of our software to non-Hosted clients before releasing them to Hosted clients. This space between releases is important to the maintenance of a good working relationship between Omatic Software and Blackbaud Hosting. It allows the new version to "be in the wild" for a while and thereby have most of the initial issues that inevitably crop up in a new version be found and fixed before we ask Blackbaud to load it on over 100 servers. It is a great deal of work for them to load an update for all Hosted clients and we strive to not have to ask them to load patches.

We strive to release major new versions to Blackbaud Hosted clients within 90 days of the general release, but it can sometimes take longer.