Product: MailOmatic for Schools

Description: This solution describes how to resolve the error: Error processing command: 'Cannot handle iref streams. The current implementation of PDFsharp cannot handle this PDF feature introduced with Acrobat 6'.
Environment: All
Versions: All


This error occurs when the custom statement template file was opened and saved in a newer version of Adobe. The statement template will need to be downloaded again and replaced.

  1. Exit MailOmatic for Schools
  2. Delete the template file, it may be saved in the Financial Edge\Plugins folder, a network folder, or the Contents folder in Hosting
  3. Retrieve the original template file that was emailed to you, or open your Support case where the template was attached. You can also contact Support to be sent a copy if you are unable to locate the original 
  4. Save or Download the statement template. Do not choose to open and save it
  5. If you aren't given the choice of where to save the template, it will likely default to saving in your Downloads folder
  6. Highlight and copy the statement template, then paste into the location where your original statement was saved. If you are hosted by Blackbaud, upload the statement from the Downloads folder to the location where the original template was saved
  7. The file must be named "SBSTATEMENT.pdf". If your original is named anything else, right click and choose 'Rename'. Do not open the file and choose to 'Save as'