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Help with an importing conundrum?

Hi y'all,

I'm trying to figure out a solution to an importing problem we're facing. I'm starting to bring over a new data file that includes fields for Gender and Marital Status, and need to figure out how to populate gendered titles. We have dictionaries that can translate Gender to an assumed title (i.e. if gender = male, make the title Mr.). But for prior files we've used that dictionary on, we didn't have Marital Status and just defaulted to "Ms." for female constituents.

Now that I have Marital Status in these new files, I'd love to set it up so if a constituent is Female AND Married or Widowed, we could default to "Mrs." instead. But I'm not coming up with a great solution to stack dictionaries or build out logic that looks at both the Gender and the Marital Status field to populate titles. Anyone have a good workaround for this, or ideas I may not be thinking of?

(And yes, I recognize that gendered titles are a dated practice and that making assumptions based on gender can be incredibly problematic, but that's a much broader conversation that my organization needs to be having, and it likely won't be resolved for awhile, so I need a workaround for the meantime.)

Omatic doesn't handle dictionaries that need to look at data in multiple columns. In this situation I would use Excel formulas to create a new column and use IF formulas to reference the two columns to populate the new column. Example of formula flow: If gender column equals Male enter Mr. otherwise reference marital column if Married enter Mrs. otherwise enter Ms. This will require layering formulas inside one another.

Thanks Sarah, that's about what I thought. Was hoping to avoid Excel if I could, but it seems like that's likely my best option. 

Good luck!

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