Omatic Integration Cloud Updates - March 1, 2023

Omatic Integration Cloud

  • Get latest authentication settings from data source when editing matching criteria on a formula. Note this does not apply to editing an existing formula, only a new formula creation
  • Changed order of operations when sending data to the destination to prevent a record from being sent to the destination more than once if an error occurred
  • Fixed issue where copying a formula that is processing results in the new formula also having the status of "processing"


  •  Resolved Object Reference Error when importing Action Fundraiser Lookup ID on existing Action

Luminate Online

  • Fixed issue where constituents were not filtered based on manual entry of LO Group in Additional Settings
  • Fixed issue where bucket did not display primary address data from a matched record in LO when address data is chosen in summary fields 


  • Updated Altru to process match requests on a single record in a more synchronous manner to reduce chances of IP address blocking from Altru

Blackbaud CRM

  • Fixed issue where match override resulted in an error when Lookup ID is the only field mapped on the Constituent / Individual object