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Automatically reciprocate incoming spouse relationships (individual relationship #1 & #2)


I am beginning a new topic on here to ask about the possibility of automatically reciprocating spouse relationships in ImportOmatic. I will attach a JSON file of our current List Management import profile for our incoming students at our organization to this discussion post. 

In this current setup, we are able to successfully import the student into LM and properly reciprocate relationships to the student, which is amazing. Despite all of this, our current setup for this LM profile is unable to reciprocate the spouse relationships automatically and it is a process that we are having to do manually. 

In our team's last discussion on forming this relationship, we had discussed the possibility of using a spouse indicator in two separate columns ("Spouse1" in Column Z and "Spouse2" in Column BB) to indicate whether or not the spouses should be related based on whether or not they have "SP1" or "SP2" under their corresponding Spouse1/Spouse2 headers. The difficulty with this is that we do not receive that spouse indicator to begin with, so that would be a manual input process that would be less efficient than simply linking the spouses after-the-fact once everyone is in IOM. 

After running this LM import, I think it would simply be easier to automatically reciprocate the first individual relationship to the incoming non-constituent record with the second individual relationship to the incoming non-constituent record. The non-constituent record is simply referring to the incoming student, and the first & second individual relationships are simply referring to both parents. I think this would be as simple as linking "1" under the "#" column in the Field Map of the LM import profile with "2" under the "#" column, as that would successfully pair both of the incoming parents. The one caveat with this is that we would need to clean-up the relationships if there were more than 2 parents (stepparents and/or legal guardians), but that would be easier to handle than pairing all of the incoming spouse relationships manually within IOM.

Is there a feasible solution to this? Or would this require a more intuitive setup within the logic of our import profile?

Thank you!


Which is the main record you are importing? If you are importing a student record, then you are adding the parents as relationships and they will not be reciprocated to each other.

If you are importing one of the parents and then including the spouse and child as relationships you can mark which relationship is the spouse under Relationships > Individual. And then under the Relationships you can check the "Automatically reciprocate relationships".

Also in RE > Plug-Ins you can use "Reciprocate All Relationships."

I hope this helps.

Conversely, you could set up two imports off the same spreadsheet with one importing the child and the parent relationships, and then copy the import profile, but change one of the parents to primary and only map the spousal information.

Hey Sarah,

Thank you for the response. I actually completely forgot to mention that this entire import process is done through List Management. Would that change anything in terms of our abilities in linking spouse relationships with our current import profile set-up?

In the event that this does not change anything, would it be possible to create an ImportOmatic profile (as opposed to a List Management profile) where we uploaded the exact same Excel file but simply deleted the columns of student data so that the initial constituents we import are "Parent #1" and thus give us the ability to link those constituents with their corresponding "Parent #2" as a spouse relationship?

To help with this question, I have attached an example file of the same headers that we use to import our data (I have also included a row with fake names/contact info/employment info for further simplification to visualize our import procedure).

Thank you!


Relationship records exist in List Management, but I am not sure about reciprocating. Perhaps test this on one family record and see if it works.

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