Omatic Cloud Updates - January 20, 2023

Omatic Integration Cloud


  • Fixed matching in Salesforce when the AND operator is used, but the record matches on Id
  • Fixed data difference values being applied to child objects when field names match top level object field names
  • Fixed triaging to ready for 1:1 matches when no related records present
  • Fixed Salesforce matching reasons when value is concatenated but all values blank


  • Added clearer exception error message for records that return more than 30 potential matches
  • Resolved issue where Primary Constituent Code sometimes didn't appear in Needs Attention grids due to issue with RE Constituent Code sequence
  • Resolved issue where an exception is thrown because a finder number exceeds the maximum size of an integer

Post to General Ledger

  • Added times to the start dates and end date selections on the history page for Salesforce-based P2GL formulas
  • Resolved issue where start date and end date filters showed incorrect time from the previous P2GL process filter selections
  • Resolved issue when a long-running process of sending to FENXT General Ledger batch resulted in an FENXT token expiration
  • Resolved issue when returning to the Data Queue page for a formula still processing showed a checkbox that should be hidden while a formula is processing.