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Useing IOM to update the acknowledgement status on gifts.


I'm trying to use IOM to update the acknowledgement status on gifts.   I don't want to change anything else - just that.  I've setup my import to include the gift import id (import id of the existing gift) and the acknowledgement date - just those two fields - but it's not working. 


Thanks for any help.


I do not think you can make any changes to existing gifts with IOM,

Hi Jason: just a thought, but if you have the IDs would it be easier to use the gift import ID's to do a global change in RE?

Otherwise, try adding the constituent ID and see if that works.

Hi Jason, Are the gifts already marked as acknowledged? If they are, then the date window might be locked for editing. You may need to switch them back to Not Acknowledged and then import the Acknowledge status and Acknowledge date

Thank you, yeah, global change seems to be the only way. 

They are all marked Not Acknowledge, the team that does this process is marking them one at time. I can do a global change but would like to avoid the process because it's easy to miss something and update the entire database. With IOM I can pull the list and just update those specific gifts. 

Hey Jason, you may need to import the Acknowledge Date and the Acknowledge Status at the same time. But there could be something else missing from your import. Have you sent a sample of your file headers and the JSON of your import profile to Omatic Support?

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