Omatic Cloud Updates - November 21, 2022

Omatic Integration Cloud

  • Resolved an issue preventing draft formulas from being deleted from the Data Queue page


  • Added ability to use gift lookup id in addition to gift system record id when linking an existing gift to a participant fee payment
  • Added ability to handle null completed date values when matching to existing actions
  • Resolved error when matching on blank constituent IDs
  • Resolved exception 'The package 'xxx' is not part of the 'xxx' appeal' when there are more than 500 packages on the appeal


  • Added a new formula type for Emma Email Campaign Activity to track activity from Emma Campaigns up to the last 90 days
  • Storage for the Bulk Email Activity source endpoint has been updated to keep data for longer.
  • Fixed error that caused empty results when the date range is not within last 90 days. OC will now display an error if the date range is invalid.

Engaging Networks

  • Fixed an error caused by renaming the field "First Name" to "FirstName". Allowed the Supporter Destination formula to be created and edited after this type of renaming for both First Name and Last Name.


  • Prevented an error when the Stripe ID is null, causing the formula to not process and customer records to not be included in Stipe payment records. OC will now check and will not generate a recordLink if ID is null/empty.