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Importing DOB/title when pre-existing RE data is blank

Hi All, we are having some issues on some of our profiles, when we are importing data we are being asked to manually choose whether to update the title of DOB (both are mapped fields) even when the existing value in RE is blank. I can understand a manual decision to update if the existing value is not blank. Can anyone advise? I just can't see anywhere in the profile to further refine what it does with those fields like you can with some of the other fields.


Hey Tammy, it depends on your import profile settings. Is there any other biographical information being updated? (e.g. do you need to review name updates)

In the profile go to the menu on the left and select Constituents. In the top box, Constituent Field Updates, you can check 'Use side by side comparison for updating bio fields'. If this is checked you will see that bio window pop up any time there is a variation between the data, including if a letter is capitalized in RE, but not in your import data. Or vice versa.

Below it you can also choose which fields you want to be automatically checked for importing, or leave it unchecked meaning the data will not update.

So if you are only importing DOB and title, you can check 'Bio 1 title or suffix fields' and 'Bio 1 other fields'. Then uncheck 'Use side by side comparison...' This means all new incoming data will populate in RE, regardless of whether there is already info there. And you will not see the window pop up asking you to confirm the updates.

But before you do this you need to examine if there are other Bio 1 fields you need to update and do you feel more comfortable reviewing that data, or letting it all go in blind. It depends where the source of your data is coming from, if it is from online forms you may want to review what supporters have entered. If the data has been reviewed by you already and you know everything in there is perfect then you can let it import without letting you have the control to see it and make a decision about whether you want the data.

I hope this explanation was helpful. I have a variety of imports from different sources and depending on what I am doing determines which boxes I check and whether I am going to review the data.

Thanks Sarah. We do use side by side matching as our imports are importing a host of biographical and gift information. The issue is with the other fields such as phone or email or address lines, when a pre-existing field is blank this imports in without us needing to make a manual decision, and in other fields where there is pre-existing content (name, for example) if there is a difference we are asked to make manual decision. All of this we want to keep.  We would just love the DOB and title to do that as well - so if blank, update automatically, and if not blank continue to ask. Do you think this is possible? Thanks! 

Unfortunately I do not know of a way to do that, unless you unmap those two fields, do the rest of your importing, then make a copy of your import and only map those two fields and have the settings to check those two fields and don't view the side-by-side.

You can ask Omatic Support, but I don't think they have another work around for that.

Good luck!

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