Omatic Cloud Updates - November 10, 2022

Omatic Integration Cloud

  • Added ability to concatenate mapped values with defined values or with Current Date
  • Resolved an issue where a large number of reprocessing jobs were created unnecessarily when a formula was reprocessed, potentially impacting performance across the platform
  • Resolved an issue where records were routed to 1:1 Needs Attention bucket instead of the Ready bucket when the same source field was used in mapping on multiple destination fields and used in routing decisions



  • Resolved the exception "The provided id did not match any records" when rating source has a plus sign in the name.
  • Fixed issue where the field manually marked as “Primary Email” in RENXT sometimes was not included in the list of Email Types, by updating it to "Marked Primary Email" instead of "Primary Email"



  • Resolved an issue and now matching gift are correctly linked
  • We will now prevent attempting to match junction object when only one side of the junction exists. Example: Campaign exists but Contact doesn't. We were attempting to match a Campaign Member (the junction between Contact and Campaign), but only one side of the junction was valid to match to.
  • Made an update to now include empty/blank Salesforce fields match results to allow for routing and triaging based on blank fields in both the source and destination


Luminate Online

  • Resolved issue where a Luminate Online formula was reporting Retrying Record Retrieval when a center was not chosen on the data source
  • Added ability to handle blank values in the centers setting for TeamRaiser Sustainers
  • Added a test connection check for invalid custom domain settings


Constant Contact

  • Resolved issue when sending data with an empty value to a custom field in Constant Contact (Error: Bad Request: Value ‘’ is not a valid date for custom field)



  • Resolved issue when pulling data from Stripe (Error message: Retrying Record Retrieval)


Post to General Ledger

  • Resolved issue where a user could continue configuring a formula without selecting a data source
  • Resolved issue where the dropdown to choose an existing FENXT data source was not appearing in a formula