Omatic Cloud Updates - October 27, 2022

Omatic Integration Cloud

  • To ensure record counts are accurate, we made the change to not convert to UTC for any source endpoint that cannot be run continuously. As a result, an update has been made to how the 'Runs continuous' flag is used.
  • Added message to Integrations/Formulas page showing a user when a formula needs to be reprocessed


  • Enabled ability to add partial payments on pledge installments

  • Added functionality to ignore multiple matches rather than throw an exception for child objects if the setting is set to ignore when found

  • Added friendly exception when at least one relationship field is provided, but last name and org name are blank

  • Resolved issue where the SKY API added a new constituent even though an exception was thrown when mapping Constituent Import ID and supplying a value that already exists on another record

  • Updated Constituent ID matching to require an exact match instead of partial match


  • Changed the selection control for Salesforce Campaigns to allow users to search for campaigns by name to include or exclude for pulling Campaign Member data
  • Added a new formula type for Salesforce Campaign Members to Constant Contact
  • Made an update to child object matching to prevent a Salesforce API error that was occurring. If a child object is the same type as its parent object, we now perform child object matching without regard to the parent and only use the configured match fields.


  • Added friendly error message when no match is found


  • Fixed an issue to display the correct exception message when the API limit is reached, "Temporary Hubspot Service Error: Too Many Requests"
  • Fixed an issue where example data was showing an incorrect number of example records

Post to General Ledger

  • Added the ability to choose an existing FENXT data source when configuring a formula with FENXT as the destination
  • Added the ability to retrieve more than 2,000 opportunities from Salesforce during one P2GL process
  • Fixed issue where the If/Then with Substring field logic was not properly evaluating text strings

PosPay Web

  • Resolved issue where user could type in negative starting check number or maximum check number