Omatic Cloud Updates - August 31, 2022

Omatic Integration Cloud

  • Added a new cleanup capability to allow the user to choose the source date and time when formatting a date, giving the user greater flexibility with date decisions.  Details can be found here.
  • Changed the order of buttons at the bottom of formula configuration, making Save Edits the default behavior.  In order to apply edits and reprocess records in a formula, the user would click the down arrow beside Save Edits and choose the correct menu option.
  • Resolved issue where defined fields were causing records to be routed to a Needs Attention bucket instead of the ready bucket when triage setting fields matched between source and destination records
  • Resolved issue in single select check box list where items would sometimes get checked again after unchecking them



  • Added setting to define whether to pull gifts by date added, date modified, or gift date when sending gifts from RENXT
  • Added friendly exception when a value for Constituent ID is too long
  • Resolved exception saying a gift package code doesn't exist even if the gift package code is available



  • Added the ability to filter out non-constituents from searching when using the Salesforce Reports to RENXT Constituents formula type 
  • Fixed an issue where a double quoted object name caused the Object Picker refresh to fail
  • Updated version of Object Relationship service for building object picker on client data source creation. The older version caused mapping to be lost when a new field was added to a promoted formula.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Object Picker to display fields from the source instead of the destination when using Salesforce (CRM) Reports to Salesforce (Endpoint) Any Object formula type
  • The Salesforce endpoint will no longer look at blank values as a data difference when matching records


Luminate Online

  • Added participant first name, last name, and email fields to the TeamRaiser Gifts formula
  • Added a setting to filter Sustainers Formula based on Date Added or Date Modified


Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Added a new formula type, Update Data Extension, allowing users to update data within a single Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extension independent of Lists
  • Added a new formula type, Data Extension Update with RENXT Gifts, allowing users to update data within a single Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extension independent of List specifically using RENXT gift data



  • Users can now select multiple events within the Encompass Event Registrations formula type for all systems of record



  • Fixed issue preventing record link from opening Mailchimp record


Engaging Networks

  • Removed ETA transaction type from the Event Tickets formula type, separating Event Attendees into their own formula type
  • Added a new formula type, Engaging Networks Event Attendees, allowing users to import attendees to the system of record



  • Fixed issue preventing the creation of a VolunteerHub Event Registration formula


Flat File/Secure FTP

  • Resolved issue with Flat File and SFTP as sources where there was a delay of 30 seconds before starting the process of importing and processing records.


Post to General Ledger

  • Updated Salesforce filters to pull in more date fields from the Opportunity record to allow for flexibility in filtering across different date fields.
  • Updated mapping to allow for more than 1 transaction code to be mapped when sending to FENXT.
  • Resolved issue where posting to FENXT General Ledger could result in an error from the SKYAPI and the user is not made aware of the error.
  • Resolved issue where opportunities could be duplicated when pulling data from Salesforce.
  • Resolved issue when processing over 1000 transactions, some records are ignored, causing counts and total amounts to be off.