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"The process cannot access the file" during Export


I can't find anything on this problem (specifically with Omatic) but perhaps some of you may have come across it! When exporting to a file using Import-O-Matic export, a portion of the lines will throw exceptions saying: 

"Error Message: The process cannot access the file 'S:\Fundraising\Database\FULFILMENT_export\Rapidata_GiftImpIDs-Latest\NewFormatExport_BDCH_DD_to_RDS_20220729_XXXXXX.csv' because it is being used by another process."

We aren't opening the file during export. If we re-run the export, more of the lines will get through until eventually they're all exported. However this lengthens the process and seems to open the possibility of exceptions being missed.

Does anyone know if this is a known Omatic problem, or if it's likely to be more of a general IT issue?

Many thanks,
Miles Potter

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I've done very little with export, mostly just import. So I can't say for sure. But I'm going to guess that the error message is actually correct.

I understand that >as far as you *know*< no one is accessing the file.  But maybe a virus scanner or some other background process is causing you issues.

"S:" looks like it might be a network drive.

Please consult with your IT folks before taking any action(s).

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