Omatic Cloud Updates - July 20, 2022

Omatic Cloud

  • The additional setting Turn off required field mapping is now available for the Luminate Online (LO) Calendar Event Attendees to Salesforce Any Object formula types
  • Optimized reprocessing job size (100 records per minute) to accommodate for failures that were impacting performance


  • Fixed issue where rating description was not being imported when the rating category type is 'Unknown'


  • Resolved issue with a large profile photo causing "Error on DataFormSave 'IndividualEdit': Maximum request length exceeded." when updating Constituent records


  • Added large list filtering when sending data from Luminate Online Subscribers and Unsubscribers formula types

Luminate Online

  • Removed Email Opt-in Status and Email Status as available fields when sending data to Luminate Online. These fields are read-only fields in Luminate Online and not able to be edited.
  • Resolved issue when creating new Luminate Online datasource where the default value of 'All' was not being set on the Centers setting


  • Updated additional settings to enable better filtering on Vendor and Invoices when pulling data from FENXT 

Post to General Ledger

  • Added ability to round up when formatting a numeric value
  • Added a page to show the number of opportunities retrieved from Salesforce when creating a Salesforce formula to give users greater visibility into the contents of the example data displayed when configuring the formula
  • Fixed an issue related to amount field formats preventing journal entries from being added in FENXT and the user was unaware of the error