Omatic Cloud Updates - June 8, 2022


  • Added automated refresh for RENXT tokens to ensure stable connectivity
  • Added friendly exception message when the Sky API is down
  • Added friendly exception message when attempting to add a participant to an event that already exists on the event
  • Resolved issue where an exception of "The parent_id field is required", occurred when mapping gift attributes/custom fields to a batch gift


  • Fixed an issue that was causing a destination exception regarding Opportunity Contact Role mapping with an applied transformation
  • Fixed an issue with loading the Object Picker for RENXT to Salesforce formulas
  • Fixed an issue where the record routing field picklist was not saving selections

Luminate Online

  • Added a new formula type, LO Sustainers to RENXT, to allow users to create RENXT Recurring Gifts
  • Added a new formula type, LO TeamRaiser Sustainers to RENXT, to allow users to create RENXT Recurring Gifts
  • Resolved issue where routing based on the Member Id field did not work if matching was configured based on Constituent ID
  • Improved caching of login sessions to prevent duplicate logins
  • Enabled data difference selection for either or both Primary Email - Match and Email - Email fields when sending data to Luminate Online Constituents

Engaging Networks

  • Added a new formula for RENXT Gifts to EN Supporters, enabling RENXT gift information such as summary fields to be sent to Supporter Records
  • Added "Fundraiser Supporter ID" to the Engaging Networks Peer-to-Peer Donations Profile
  • Added External Reference fields to Advocacy, Supporter, Tribute, and Membership formulas

Every Action

  • Added Registrant Id and Email Address fields to the Ticketed Events Registration formulas


  • Added Anonymous Gift and Additional Gift Instruction fields to Transactions Formulas
  • Added ability to import up to 5 split Designations
  • Added Designation Lookup ID field for each Designation
  • Added Fund Id field for each Designation

Donor Drive

  • Updated link on arrow to access DonorDrive record from the Summary Display Field


  • New exception added to handle bad requests and error logging

Post to General Ledger

  • Added the ability for users to add new formulas