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Custom routing of records

Sometimes records need additional review steps and currently we are capturing those notes in an email/document to work through outside of the formula. We think Custom routing of records may help with this as it would allow us to set criteria (or decided on the fly) to route records to a special bucket, for instance, to review later. This would be a time-saving enhancement.

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Hi Melisa, 

Thank you for your suggestion! We are currently having a lot of conversations on the product development teams about custom routing and plan to start refining how we can implement it in phases within the enhanced Omatic Cloud platform later this year. 

We'll keep you posted when that work is underway! 


Chanel Floyd

Product Manager - Omatic Cloud

Hi Chanel,

Is there an ETA on this item?



Hi Melisa, 

Custom routing is still planned for Omatic Cloud, although our timeline has been extended past 2022 and is now targeted for 2023. We'll keep you posted as we have a more definitive timeline. 

Thanks for your patience!


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