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Event ID in Luminate-location

Where do I add an event ID in Luminate to make sure the event information goes to the right even in RE when using the Omatic Connector to RE.

Hi!  The Luminate event has to be created first, and then you input that ID into the RE event ID field.  

It's a bit tricky for me, because I like to link the prices from RE into the LO event.  So I basically just save the event without any details in LO, then create the event in RE using the LO ID, and then go back into LO to add details.  

Maybe another user has a better way to do this! 

Hi Mackenzie and thank you but in Luminate I see an event name not an event ID. So I am not sure where to add it.


Once you have created the event in LO, go to step 10.  Look at the URL that has been created.  The number next to "id" is the event ID.  example:

Take that number and add it to your event in RE in the ID field. 

Hope that helps! 

Hi Sofia,

You need to create a data dictionary to map the RE Event ID to the Luminate Form ID of the Event page. Then apply the dictionary to the field mapping in your import.


Each time you add an event registration page in luminate, you need to add the new RE Event ID / Luminate Form ID mapping to that  data dictionary before you run your import.


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