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Ability to replace values (including null) with blank values.

The use case for this request is our need to translate a NULL address line in source to blank value in destination. 

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Hi Chanel,

Is there an alternative short and/or long term solution for this one?



Hi Sheng,

Thank you for the additional information. I'm going to email you a potential alternative specific to the Address Line 2. Let me know if you have further scenarios we can add to our "overwrite with blank values" evaluation.


This issue has became very problematic for us when we try to bring (sync) CRM data to LO. The address line 2 would stay and appears as repeat in LO. When the record come through Omatic cloud, the apartment number  would also show repeated in address line 1.   

While we waiting for solution, do you have any recommendation to solve the problem?

Thank you.



Hi Melisa, 

We have noted your idea and will add the use case for consideration when we make enhancements to our transformation tool.

We always appreciate your feedback!


Product Manager - Omatic Cloud

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