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Build a suppression that does not rely on an Luminate Online group

Currently we use LO group (query based) for suppression in formula 1 to exclude undesirable records – records only have name and email, records come from facebook signup/donation, etc. 

However, there are 2 major limitations to these query based  LO groups:

1. Query tool in LO has a very limited selection, and we can not access and use “Last Modified By” field. The reason we want to use that field is

a. Users (admin) need to update records in LO – merge, update bio info, etc.,

b. Background processes also update LO records – calculate Engagement Factor

2. Group can only be rebuilt Once per Day as most frequent option, which usually happen at evening.

As formula 1 continuously pulling data, the new signups and updated records will “bypass” the suppression because the rebuild interval/lag time is usually 24 hours. As such, many spambots created records end up in New Records queue, and we have to manually check and delete each record. This is one of major pain point for us. 

Can Omatic build some suppression that does not rely/depend on LO group? Ideally this suppression is based on these factors -

o Only active records;

o Suppress based on “Last Modified By” usernames;

o Suppress Name+email only records;

o Suppress email start with “devnull+fb” for facebook donors;  

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Hi Melisa, 

This work is not something we have currently planned, but will take this to the development teams to evaluate the effort/possibility. We appreciate your idea submission and will keep these scenarios in mind when we start product discovery.

Thank you,


Hi Chanel,

CHLA currently has a workaround in place, similar to the skip-row outcome, so implementing the short-term solution is not needed. Ideally, CHLA would like a tool/mechanism to leverage the Luminate Online API to create custom logic for records to either include or exclude from LO>CRM constituent formulas so that we can filter closer to real-time (LO groups are limited to 1x per day refreshes) and using data elements not readily/easily available in the LO Query tool. We look forward to seeing the "filtering" capability on a future call to see if this can meet the need.

CHLA provided examples of what filtering we would like on the " Filtering Examples" tab.(I'll be sending out this info by end of the week).



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