PostOmatic is available for download and in Blackbaud Hosting environments!

Version, November 2021

Available soon in Blackbaud Azure & COLO Hosting environments! 

Check out the list of improvements below, or visit the Release Notes section of the PostOmatic User Guide for more details! When you're ready to install the update, head over to our Downloads page. Our User Guide provides instructions on how to update, and our Support team is available for help too!

  • Updated plugin to write files to sub-folders dynamically if configured in the Omatic Cloud
  • Fixed issue where post email was not being sent when the plugin is run with Post the gifts selected 
  • Fixed issue where post email did not have the attachment of the post file
  • Fixed issue where pledge balance was incorrect when posting a pledge payment
  • Improved error handling to provide user with a better message if POM cannot communicate with the Omatic Cloud

As always, please let us know if you have any questions!