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Map to email comments in RE

I would like the ability to write to the email comments field in RENXT through Omatic cloud 

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Hi Amanda and Jennifer!

Thank you for adding this idea! Currently, Blackbaud doesn't have a field for email comments in the SKY API. Can you tell me how you typically use the email comments field? What information do you track here? This will help us when looking into what the possible options currently are.


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Hi Kristen!

Yes in our case we would just write in a simple- "Updated via Omatic Cloud" or something along these lines. Right now RE7 database allows a comments field we use it for many things but this would be one them. Let me know if you need anymore examples. Thanks for looking into this for us.


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Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the information! Since this field isn't available in the SKY API, could you also submit a request to Blackbaud to add this field to the RENXT SKY API?



We also want the Comment field available. We use it to enter where the phone and email came from, E.g. "Source: Luminate Online". We also map it for emails coming from LO where we import the Email Status from LO so we know if it is a hard or soft bounce, unknown, etc.


We agree this would be helpful. Please make sure to vote on the Blackbaud Idea for this to be added to the SKY API:

Once this field is added by Blackbaud, we will enable the ability to map to it.


Kristen Gajdica

Product Manager

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