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Single File and Multiple File export

It would be helpful if there was an option to toggle between a single file export and a multiple file export (based on a batch number, or other type of criteria from Blackbaud).

This would help with allowing users to adapt to different needs of their organization, since there are multiple ways to share information.

The default product does a single file export. Customer support was able to help create a multiple file export. The capability exists, so a toggle or checkbox would allow users to avoid having to ask Customer support each time a change needs to be made from single to multiple file.

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Hi Alvina - Thank you for your suggestion.  One of the challenges with this type of functionality is that from client to client that desire to have multiple files could be different and would need to go beyond a checkbox.  In other words, you would need to tell it what the driver is for determining the number of files that you get.  A field such as batch number or fund id inserted into our file name builder in our Omatic Cloud configuration would tell our formula configuration to put that fields value into the file name, resulting in multiple files if you have multiple different values.  For example, if you were posting 3 gift batches, you would get 3 files, 1 for each batch as the file name would have the batch number inserted into that file name.  As we look to give our clients access to where the configuration happens, you will naturally be able to do this yourself in the future.  We are still working through how we make that happen to give our clients access to a user-friendly experience so that you can make this change in the future.

I do have an idea that I will reach out to you directly about.


Steve Brewer

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