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Poor API Documentation

Hi, I am trying to use IOM API and is finding the documentation on IOM API to be very poor.

I understand there are many "subroutines" that goes through a processing order (i.e. BeforeDictionaries, AfterDictionaries, etc). However, when you create a new profile, and go into Code Editor, only a few of the subroutines are "pre-typed" in without any code. For example, BeforeConstituentSave is there, but AfterConstituentSave is not. I am trying to run some code that is going in the AfterConstituentSave subroutine, but I don't know what is the subroutine parameters. This is nowhere to be found. I am only making guess that it is the same parameter as BeforeConstituentSave. 

If this does exist somewhere, please direct me to it. If it doesn't exist, it is so important to make sure it is added to the manaul.


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