Luminate Online Omatic Cloud Connector update planned Wednesday, May 20th

This update is planned for deployment on Wednesday, May 20th between 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM EST. We will communicate with another post when this update is complete.

With this update, some Luminate Online Omatic Cloud Connector profiles will require a profile refresh. The following profiles will require a refresh:

  • eCommerce

You can find instructions on how to complete a profile refresh here.

This enhancement requires a profile refresh: 

Added “Date To Use” setting to the eCommerce profile type

These fixes do not require a profile refresh: 

Fixed issue where additional donation rows could produce column mismatch exceptions on eCommerce profile type

Fixed issue with ‘Sync end call failed’ error on Group Sync profile type when using a custom Luminate Online domain

Fixed issue where the incorrect TeamRaiser events were showing in settings when selecting a center

Fixed issue where survey answers were provided in the incorrect columns

Fixed issue where the exceptions file was blank with the Constituent Export profile type

Fixed issue where processing stopped unexpectedly when encountering invalid Premium data from Luminate Online

Fixed issue where some settings would only pull the first 100 options for a dropdown with the Calendar Events profile type

As always, let us know if you have any questions!

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