Classy Omatic Cloud Connector update planned Monday, May 11th

This update is planned for deployment on Monday, May 11th between 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM EST. We will communicate with another post when this update is complete.

This update does not require a profile refresh. Enhancements included in this update:

Transactions profile type 

Fixed issue where ‘Raw Total Gross Amount’ field was blank

Fixed issue where ‘Ticketing – Campaign’ was returning the Campaign ID instead of the Campaign name

Fixed issue where Ticketing fields were not populating

Fixed issue where Attendee questions were not returning data

Fixed issue where Campaign Designation was not populated for all records

Fixed issue where offline payment information was not populating

Fixed issue where offline donations were included when they were not selected

Fixed issue where date filters were using ‘updated at’ rather than ‘purchased at’ values

Fixed issue where transactions with ‘Incomplete’ status were not filtered out

Fundraisers profile type

Fixed issue where fields were not populating (Campaign Currency Code, Campaign Raw Currency Code, Campaign Raw Goal, Page Goal Amount, Page Currency Code, Page Raw Currency Code, Page Raw Goal)

Fixed issue where Fundraiser opt in status returned a blank value instead of ‘false’

Fixed issue where Fundraisers associated with inactive campaigns and draft campaigns were being excluded

Fixed issue where optional questions and custom questions were not returning the correct values

As always, let us know if you have any questions!

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