Luminate Online Omatic Cloud Connector update planned Friday, May 1st

This update is planned for deployment on Friday, May 1st between 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM EST. We will communicate with another post when this update is complete.

With this update, some Luminate Online Omatic Cloud profiles will require a profile refresh. The following profiles will require a refresh:

  • Sustainer Gifts profiles
  • Donations, TeamRaiser Gifts, TeamRaiser Sustainer Gifts and Organization Donation profiles with custom donation fields

You can find instructions on how to complete a profile refresh here.

These fixes require a profile refresh: 

Fixed issue with ‘column mismatch’ exception for the Sustainer Gifts profile type

Fixed issue with ‘column mismatch’ exception for custom donation fields on the following profile types: Donations, Sustainer Gifts, TeamRaiser Gifts, TeamRaiser Sustainer Gifts, and Organization Donations

These fixes do not require a profile refresh: 

Fixed issue where recurring gift payments were not included in import from Luminate Online

Fixed issue where RSVP events were being included in the Ticketed Events profile type

Fixed issue with "Sync End call failed" error when exporting the Group Sync profile type
Fixed issue in Donations profile where forms were not displayed when selecting ‘include unpublished and archived forms’ option

As always, let us know if you have any questions!