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Benevity Profile/Process for RENXT Anyone?

Hi awesome people! Would you be willing to share your Benevity process? We get wires from Benevity and the corresponding downloadable data file leaves a lot to be desired. Sometimes there are known donors on it, and sometimes they are anonymous, not enough info in our system to know who they are, etc. What is your process for these, and also, would love to see your profile and data map.

Also, we are in RENXT.


For what others do with Benevity donations Blackbaud Community would be a place to potentially receive more responses.  Are you a member?

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I am, but I am looking for some IOM profile info as well!

I am working on a IOM profile for Benevity right now but I am still working through a few things. For those with only names and no contact information I am adding them to an existing Anonymous record. I create a Virtual Copy Field for Address Line 1 and a dictionary that replaces "Not Shared By Donor" with the ConsID of the Anon Record. 

1234567  Not shared by donor FALSE FALSE
^(?!1234567).*$ TRUE FALSE

Hi Faryn, thanks! So for the people with no name "not shared by user," and the people with no address (who are also getting coded to "not shared by user"), they are going into an anonymous account, even when you have a name but no address? Are you keeping the data files with the names anywhere, or for a period of time? 

I wish there was a way to keep the name for those who have one without creating a record, you know?

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