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Ability for end users to reset last modified cutoff date on Mailchimp-source formulas

Please add the ability for end users to set the "last run" date and time formulas will use when determining which records to pull from Mailchimp. This way if some process is run affecting a lot of Mailchimp records at once we can avoid getting thousands of records in our Mailchimp-sourced formulas that don't really need to be processed, by setting the "last run" date and time to a point after the Mailchimp process was run.

Hi Bill, 

We are looking into this and have a few questions!

It sounds like you are wanting to isolate or skip a specific set of data to be pulled from Mailchimp (a large process that is affecting a lot of records). Is that correct?

Are you pausing the formula at that time? Have you attempted to 'Run Once' to pull from the point of time that you would like?



The scenario (which is rarer for us now but could still happen) is this:

1) We have a MC > Altru formula scheduled to run every Thursday. It pulls all Mailchimp records modified since the previous Thursday's formula run. We'll call this earlier Thursday the "Formula Start Date."

2) On Monday, we complete a mass edit in Mailchimp affecting thousands of records.

3) We do not want these thousands of records to pass through the MC > Altru formula on Thursday. Therefore, we'd like the ability to manually set the "Formula Start Date" to Tuesday so the records affected by Monday's mass edit are excluded when the formula next runs. We'd then want to set the "Formula Start Date" back to its default value for future runs of the formula.


Thanks Bill! That makes sense. It sounds like the ability to Pause the formula will work for now (since it isn't as frequent). 

That said, we will keep this one open - as the need to create 'scheduled windows' is probably still a good idea!



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