Omatic Cloud Updates - January 22, 2020

January 22, 2020

Data Queue

  • Reduced possibility of a formula becoming "stuck" while processing
  • Fixed issue where All Formulas tab would reorder itself if you dragged the first formula to a new tab

Data Grid

  • You can now edit the layout of the data grid summary columns to display mapped matching fields however you prefer.  Editing the summary cells in one grid will carry over to all other data grids in the same formula.
  • Improved processing speed in 1:Many matches
  • Updated exception screens to display entire message in the data grid, instead of needing to hover over the exception for details
  • Updated exceptions to display in local time instead of UTC
  • Fixed issue where matching email addresses would trigger Data difference review screen to pop up unnecessarily 

Formula Wizard

  • Matching: Widened ID matching selector to be able to view the entire field name
  • Triage: Option now exists when adding new formulas, instead of only within the edit mode
  • Mapping: Added Clean Up option to keep numbers only when formatting telephone numbers
  • Mapping: Added option to remove or immediately edit existing formatting (Clean Up, Transformations, Concatenate) options directly from the main screen

Formula Management

  • Added Copy button to allow you to easily copy an existing formula, including all of the settings, mapping, transformations, etc. 

Platform Technology

  • When logging back in after a timed-out session, you will be returned the page you were previously viewing


  • Added ability to reprocess against the latest destination data in all Needs Attention buckets


  • Removed duplicate instance of "Alternate Lookup ID" from field mapping
  • Fixed issue where you could not send data to the Gender field in Altru
  • Fixed issue where "Always Add New" setting wouldn't work on Appeals if including "Date Sent"
  • Fixed issue where dissimilar emails from the same record appeared to be used for matching
  • Added detail to Campaign Activity processing exceptions to make resolving issues easier


  • Fixed issue where Campaign Data was missing activity records*
    *Note that fixing this issue exposed a problem with how Mailchimp records returns "Open" activities.  This will result in an increase in the number of records you see returned in your formulas.  You can read more about it here, under My open rates seem high > A spam filter is causing high open rates.  

    To help mitigate the volume of duplicate "Open" activities, Omatic Cloud will compress the data to one "Open" per record, per day. Keep in mind that Mailchimp does not indicate which "Open" activities are truly from the email recipient, versus which are triggered by spam filters, so you will be using this data at your own risk. Given this new information, you may opt to exclude "Open" activities by adjusting your formula settings.

Constant Contact

  • Fixed issue where Constant Contact would appear to be disconnected after 24 hours

Luminate Online

  • Cosmetic corrections on the Luminate Online Data Source settings screen 
  • Cosmetic correction to the campaign selector setting
  • Improved "403. Technical info{" exception to make resolving issues easier