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Altru Primary E-mail

When importing records from Altru into Luminate Online, we are finding that some couples all share one e-mail in our system, which then triggers an exception because multiple records are then linked to one e-mail. Our process is to investigate who's e-mail it probably is in Altru, and then update their records there accordingly to remove the duplicate and allow the records to import without getting stuck. Because the query in Altru is built to identify the Primary E-mail on each record, the ways we do this is to make a different e-mail the primary for one person in the couple, or delete the e-mail from their record altogether. Sometimes, that e-mail is connected to a transaction and cannot be deleted, which is no problem if they have another e-mail that we can make the primary. The problem arises when there is only one e-mail on a record and that e-mail is linked to a transaction on both records. Because it's the only e-mail, Altru defaults it to the Primary and doesn't give you the option to uncheck the box (See screen grab). 


How are other Altru users handling this hurdle? Is there a way to remove an e-mail as the primary on someone's Altru record when it's the only one we have?  

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Hey Krista,

One option would be to change the information attached to the sales order and then delete the email address from the constituent record. For example - if Bill and Mary Johnson have two individual constituent records but the same email address you could transfer all of Mary's transactions to Bill and then remove the email address from her constituent record. Depending on what these transactions are you might not want to remove them from her record though. We are also working on these types of problems as we have multiple constituents who have the same email for themselves and their spouse. Its a sticky situation! 

We are running into this same problem. We cannot transfer all the transactions to the primary user's record because we want to keep the sales order data on the accurate constituents records. For example, if Mary's email address is on Bill's record, but Bill was the one who completed the sale, we still want the sale to be associated with him and not Mary. Ideally we would just remove Mary's email address from that sales record, but there are literally hundreds of them and there is no batch process available to complete this. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thank you!

Hi! One option would be to suppress spouse records that have the same email as the Head of Household from your Altru queries. Here is a Knowledge Base article that explains this process:



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