Omatic Cloud Updates - December 11, 2019

The next time you log in, you will see a fresh look in a couple key areas of Omatic Cloud!  

We've updated the Data Queue and Integrations/Formulas pages to give you more control over organizing your formulas, zooming in on the work that needs your immediate attention, and keeping tabs on the current state of your integrations.  In the Release Notes below, we've added more detail on these new features.  

If you have questions, don't hesitate to let us know!  Don't forget we also have a couple new forums dedicated to discussing best practices and tips with other users and offering ideas to the our team for how to improve Omatic Cloud.  Get in there and get the conversation flowing!

December 11, 2019

Updated Data Queue and Formula Management Experience!

  • Data Queue Cards
    • Toggle between Compact and Expanded card views
    • Live feedback on all three steps of the data journey: Retrieving Data > Processing in Omatic Cloud > Sending Data
    • Access the Formula Wizard directly from the Data Queue Card for quick updates
  • User-defined Tabs
    • Create Tabs and use drag-and-drop to reorganize how Formulas display
    • Tabs are user-specific, so you can tailor the view to how you need it without affecting coworkers
    • Settings are sticky, so the display will resume where you left off the next time you log in 
  • Formula dashboard
    • View all formulas in a single grid, to see an overview of your entire integration
    • Record counts for each bucket are displayed, making it easier to identify where you should focus your attention
    • Use the action menu to access the new Formula drop-in feature, which allows you to jump directly to any page in the Formula Wizard!

Formula Wizard

  •  Added sticky toolbar on the mapping screen to allow you to quickly navigate to other sections or the next page without scrolling

Data Grid

  • Added breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen to make navigation easier
  • Added a notification for destination exceptions on individual record matches, to alert you immediately
  • Updated the Ready bucket to display columns based on the Destination instead of the Source, making it consistent with the Needs Attention buckets


  • Added GDPR Marketing Permissions to the Field Mapping screen*

            *If you enable GDPR rules in Mailchimp, they will default to opted-out until you set these fields in your formulas


  • Added required field validation for all objects in mapping, floating required fields to the top
  • Added ability to use any external ID for matching and updated summary display in data grid
  • Updated triage screen to more clearly indicate destination-based field availability
  • Updated Salesforce API destination exceptions to include additional Object information

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