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Ability to map attribute data only if no matching Altru attribute found

We would like the ability to map fields such as Attribute Date and Attribute Comment only if a new Attribute is being added to an Altru record via an OIC formula. As it stands now, we are leaving the Attribute Date and Comment fields unmapped so they won't be overwritten when the formula finds a matching Attribute based on Attribute Category.

Hi Bill,

We're exploring this idea, and we hit upon a follow-up question:

In the example you provided above - would you expect other fields on the attribute to be updated, and just Date and Comment left as-is?  Or are you saying you wouldn't want any fields to update on the attribute if it already exists on the record?


Amanda Tetanich

Senior Product Manager | Omatic Software



That's a good question. Let me answer it by explaining in more detail what we are trying to avoid. Say we have an attribute with a Category of "E-News Email List," a Value of "Yes," and a Start Date of 1/1/2019, which signifies to us that this person subscribed on or about 1/1/2019. The subscriber's record changes somehow in Mailchimp and that triggers it to go to the MC > AL subscribers formula. If we process that record today and the Attribute Start Date is mapped to the Current Date, the Attribute Start Date in Altru will change to 2/10/2020 and will no longer reflect the date the person originally subscribed. In that scenario, it would be perfectly fine if the Altru attribute remained untouched by OIC.

However, say that someone else has the same attribute but with a Value of "No" and a Start Date of 5/1/2018. Then they re-subscribe using a Mailchimp form, and that puts them in the MC > AL subscribers formula. When processing that record, obviously we need the attribute Value to change from "No" to "Yes" so Altru will reflect that the person is indeed a subscriber again. Now ideally in that instance we'd be able to choose whether or not to update the Attribute Start Date to the current date, but leaving the date set to 5/1/2018 would be acceptable to make the formula less complicated.

So in short, we want the rules for updating Attribute Date and Comments fields to be independent from the rules for updating the attribute's Value.


Hi Bill, 

We are planning to add the ability to ignore incoming attribute data if the incoming data matches to existing fields that you would designate. We are not at this time going to enable independent field decisions for value/comment/date.

Would you be able to track this data in two different attributes, so you could designate the updates independently by attribute?


Kristen Gajdica

Associate Product Manager | Omatic Software

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