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Add the ability to triage on ZIP and other mapped fields

Some of our Mailchimp signup forms collect subscribers' ZIP codes. When pulling those into Altru, it would be helpful to be able to set up the formula to put potential matches in Needs Attention if the Mailchimp ZIP code is different from the mapped Altru ZIP code.

Ideally, any mapped field that exists in both MC and Altru should be available to triage on.

Interesting idea, Bill!  Do you also need to use the address fields to affect the score of potential matches in Altru or just flag records that need your attention?

I think data differences in Address fields should affect the score, yes. For example, two John Smiths with different email addresses but the same Zip code should be considered more of a match than two John Smiths with different email addresses and different Zip codes. The tricky part with Zip codes is that matching should really only be done on the first five digits; otherwise, if one record has 43211-2474 and the other record just has 43211 it would be seen as a data difference when for all intents and purposes those are the same Zip.

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