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Great ideas can come from anywhere, and we want to hear yours!  

Are you looking for an integration to new end points?  Do you feel like a small tweak could make a big impact in your productivity in Omatic Cloud?  Tell us!  We're constantly on the lookout for how we can focus on changes that provide the biggest value to the most users.  

Add a new post below to start a discussion, or add your feedback on someone else's idea.  If you just want to keep tabs on the progress of an idea, you can follow posts.  We love to hear about the problems you're trying to solve, so you don't necessarily need to have a specific solution in mind.  For example, if you find it challenging to decide which record is the best in a 1:many matching scenario, tell us which part gives you pause.  Is it that you don't have the right information in front of you?  Are too many irrelevant records returning?  Do you wish you could get a second opinion from a team member before committing to a choice?

Thanks, and we can't wait to collaborate with you on the making Omatic Cloud even better!

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