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Have you heard? Omatic Cloud Connectors are now available in ImportOmatic!

Big news for ImportOmatic Connector users!  This week, we've released ImportOmatic 3.7, which includes access to Omatic Cloud Connectors.  If you aren't familiar with Omatic Cloud Connectors yet, check out this post in the ImportOmatic forum!  

Omatic Cloud Connectors are included with your existing Connector subscriptions.  Many are ready now, like Mailchimp and Luminate Online, and we will be making more of our Connectors available in the Cloud over the coming weeks.

This update was already released to Blackbaud Hosting users (both Azure and COLO), and it's now available to self-hosted users too! 

When you are ready to start using Omatic Cloud Connectors, your first step is to read the Quick Start Guide.  This will inform you on how to prepare your profiles and your team.  If your Raiser's Edge database is self-hosted, you can find more information on how to install in the ImportOmatic Update announcement.

One other important note - installing ImportOmatic 3.7 will not disable your existing Connector profiles.  We do encourage you to start using the Omatic Cloud Connectors as soon as you can, but you should still have access to your existing imports and exports.