Announcing Omatic Cloud Connectors and a stronger future in Blackbaud Hosting (ImportOmatic 3.7)!

The ImportOmatic Connectors many of you know and love are about to be even better!  With version 3.7 of ImportOmatic, you now have access to Omatic Cloud Connectors.  By moving Connectors to Omatic Cloud, your team no longer has to worry about installing and maintaining Connector files.  This means when we fix bugs or add new features, they're instantly available the next time you open ImportOmatic!

Here's the best part - ImportOmatic and all of its components, including Omatic Cloud Connectors, are now fully compliant with Blackbaud Hosting environments.  For those of you who are already Hosted by Blackbaud, you can breathe a sigh of relief.  For those of you who may be moving to Hosting in the future, this just made that move even easier!

We are in the process of converting as many of our Connectors to Omatic Cloud as we can, and we have started with the most popular ones.  For more information on when your Connector will be available in Omatic Cloud, make sure to follow the ImportOmatic Connectors Forum for announcements.  You can also check the Connector-specific pages in the ImportOmatic User Guide; they will continue to be updated as we bring more Connectors to the Cloud!

If you missed our helpful webinar on how to start using the Omatic Cloud version of your Connector, you can click here to watch a recording.  In the video, we cover what's changing, what's not changing, and we answered many questions from ImportOmatic users.  We've also created a Quick Start Guide for Omatic Cloud Connectors, if you prefer to read the information at your own pace.

We're rolling this new version of ImportOmatic with Omatic Cloud Connectors out to users in phases, to ensure a smooth transition for everyone:

  • Blackbaud Azure Hosting - available now!
  • Blackbaud COLO/Citrix Hosting - available now!
  • Self-hosted/on-premises - available now!

As always - our Support team is eager to help with any questions.  Email, chat, or create a case here.

Click here to review the ImportOmatic 3.7+ Release Notes

If you are self-hosted and ready to install ImportOmatic 3.7, click here to visit our downloads page.