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Deleting Old Household Members

My organization keeps track of family members that are covered by their membership.  When a member submits an online application, they include all family members that are currently eligible to be covered by their membership.  Through ImportOmatic, all new family members are easily identified and added to the member’s Raiser’s Edge account.  However, we are struggling to identify family members who were previously listed on the member’s Raiser’s Edge account, but weren’t listed on their most up-to-date application.  Do you have any suggestions about how to make these updates?

Are the family members added as individual relationships on the member's record? It's not an omatic solution, but you could run a query in RE based on the date added/changed for individual relationships to find those that weren't added/updated the day of the application submission. 

That's an interesting idea!  So would any existing household members that were included on the new data be marked as "changed" even if there were no changes?  I'll have to try this out! Thank you!

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