Pos-Pay 1.6.7 - The Positive Pay/ARP solution for the Financial Edge

v. 1.6.7, 09SEP2010
- Fixed issue with new installations receiving an "Automation Error" message
v. 1.6.6, 16AUG2010
- Fixed issue of not being able to update check account number from changes in FE bank account
v. 1.6.4, 26JUL2010
- Added support for Key Bank
v. 1.6.3, 6APR2010
- Added support for TD Bank
v. 1.6.2, 18FEB2010
- Converted from a plugin to bank menu options
- Added support for US Bank
- Changed format for Sovereign bank to allow for payee match
v., 26JAN2010
- Added support for TD Banknorth
v., 27OCT2009
- Added support for Bank of America West
v., 07JULY2009
- Added support for Fifth Third Bank
- Added support for Intrust Bank 
v., 19APR2009
- Added support for Citibank
- Added support for Synovus
- Consolidated 'Add Bank with Bank Number' forms
v., 03FEB2009 
- BB&T modified to output check amount in thirteen character, at BB&T's request
v., 21DEC2008
- Added support for SunTrust Bank
v., 24NOV2008
- Added support for Northern Trust Bank
v., 12NOV2008
- Enhanced error messages for bank form loads
v., 08NOV2008
- Added function to sort checks by check number
v., 06OCT2008
- Added support for BB&T Bank.
v., 11JAN2007
- Added functionality to scan payroll checks
- fixed overflow error for large check numbers
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