MailOmatic for Schools v. 1.10.15

Omatic Software has released version 1.10.15 of MailOmatic for Schools.  The update is attached to this forum post.

MailOmatic for Schools Change Log:

v 1.10.15 04JUN2013
-Fixed issue of invalid date error when importing payments using old style file date with a time greater than 12:59:59 PM.
-Fixed issue of statement actions being added twice when the query record was the same as the recipient record and the option 
to add actions to both was selected

v 1.10.14 18APR2013
- Change made to copy the default application restriction on the deposit to the payments being imported in order to support advance deposits

v 1.10.13 11JAN2013
-  Addressed an issue with progressively slow processing of large report sets

v 1.10.12 20DEC2012
- Added option in SB settings for which record to add actions to, Student, Recipient, or Both
- Added right click options to add actions when saving as PDF files
- Fixed issue of Student ID not populating in merge fields for student recipients

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