MOMS v1.10.17

MOMS v1.10.17 is now available!  

In this update we added the ability to define email settings per user.  This means that if you have multiple users of MOMS, each user can include their own from and reply to information in their emails without the need to update the previous user's settings before each use!  We also made updates to the Diamondmind URL and to log file paths.

Revision history:

v 1.10.17 13DEC2013

- Fixed issue of Performance Log and Exception File paths not being used unless Settings was opened and saved.

- Email credentials for both RO and SB are now saved per user

v 1.10.16 11JUL2013

- Change made to use the EA7RecordsID in the Diamondmind URL when running RO reports

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