Bill-O-Matic for Schools v. 1.7.24 - Important Update!

Bill-O-Matic v. 1.7.24 has been released and contains a few new features and some important fixes. It is highly recommended that you upgrade to this version before your next mailing. Please remember to preview emails and reports being sent before you send them. The updated version of BOM can be downloaded from this forum post.

V 1.7.24 Change Log:
  • Added option in settings to restrict search for contact email type to Primary addresses only
  • When searching for contact email types, addresses with a "Valid To" date less than current date are now excluded
  • Fixed issue with RO grid --> View recipient that caused wrong record to display
  • Added password option of 'Birth year only' to Report Cards
  • Fixed issue when option 'Get email addresses from relationships' was checked, no passwords were generated
  • Reset the prompt to preview email after clicking Show Results rather than reloading the email template list
  • Added tooltip help to the RO password label in settings
  • Fixed issue with additional reports being processed if report filter parameter was set to "selected" and more than one record was selected
  • Fixed issue with cancel button not working when selecting a new attachment file
  • Updated default SB statement background spacing for "Amount Due" field

***PLEASE NOTE - some clients have reported that BOM does not appear in Plug-ins list after the update. If this occurs, please run setup.exe file AGAIN and select the repair option to fix the issue. ***

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